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RAP Regional Worksheets

What are RAP Worksheets?

The RAP Rating Worksheets maintain competitiveness of the RAP program within each region as required by legislature, by rating each project proposal's deficiencies in structure, volume capacity, geometry and width standards and accident and fatal accident experience. The rating forms have been revised over the years to keep up with changes in population growth, development and commerce specific to each region.

Project Type Guidance and Definitions

2R Resurface and Restore: Although a 2R project may be done as construction, this project type mainly addresses maintenance type resurfacing that is applied to prevent further structural damage to the base materials. Some widening points may be gained with 2 to 4 feet of total widening. Some points are allowed for clear zone safety improvements. Right of way is not eligible for RAP reimbursement.

3R Rehabilitation: When the road has deficiencies throughout that will be improved toward design standards (AASHTO, since that is the basis for scoring RAP projects equally), and minor portions (<50%) of the project may be re-aligned, the project is 3R. Alignment, structure, width, and roadside.

RC - Reconstruction: When a significant length (>50%) of the project will:

  • be realigned in vertical or horizontal alignment or a combination of both,
  • have extra lanes added for capacity improvements, the project becomes a reconstruction (RC) project. A project consisting of two sharp reverse curves, for example, could be realigned via a construction project.

FA: if the region accepts bridge proposals and the project has gained federal funding through the Bridge Replacement Program, Federal Lands Access Program or other federal funds that are programmed in the county TIP, the project is eligible for RAP. RAP funds can be used to provide the county matching funds required by the federal program. RAP funding is limited to only the federally funded portions of the project.

SA: if the structure is a federally defined bridge (> 20 ft span) and the county does not intend to seek federal funding, the project can be funded by RAP as a Stand Alone - SA Bridge, with county or other funds as match.

DR: This project type replaces a crossing structure/short span bridge that is shorter than 20 ft in span. The rating process addresses steel, concrete, wooden, plastic and short span bridge deficiencies. Length of project is limited to the direct vicinity of the culvert or bridge and may address alignment issues at the location of the structure.

Northeast Region Worksheets

Worksheet Date Modified
NE Region 2R Worksheet 06/17/2020
NE Region 3R Worksheet 08/24/2020
NE Region FA BR Worksheet 03/24/2020
NE Region RC Worksheet 08/24/2020
NE Region DR Worksheet 03/24/2020
NE Region SA BR Worksheet 06/17/2020

Allocation of NE RAP Region Revenue

  • 10% as match for Federally Funded Bridges (FA BR)
  • 30% for RC Projects
  • 30% for 3R Projects
  • 30% for 2R and DR/Short Span projects, $750,000 county biennial funding limit.
  • County Funded bridges (SA BR) will compete with RC or 3R (replace or rehab

*Short Span is included in DR Worksheet

Northwest Region Worksheets

Worksheet Date Modified
NW Region 2R Worksheet 03/24/2020
NW Region 3R Worksheet 03/24/2020
Deflection & truck graphs- NW & SW 03/24/2020

NW Region Eligible Project Types

  • 3R and 2R
  • All projects will compete on the same array.

Southeast Region Worksheets

Worksheet Date Modified
SE Region 2R Worksheets 03/24/2020
SE Region 3R Worksheet 03/24/2020
SE REGION RC Worksheet 03/24/2020
SE Region DR Worksheet 03/24/2020
SE Region FA BR Worksheet 03/24/2020
SE Region SA BR Worksheet 03/24/2020

SE Region Eligible Project Types

  • RC, 3R, 2R, BR, DR, SA BR
  • 10% of revenue to bridges in order of: FA, then SA, then DR.

Southwest Region Worksheets

Worksheet Date Modified
SW Region 2R Worksheet 03/24/2020
SW Region 3R Worksheet 03/24/2020
SW Region DR Worksheet 03/24/2020
SW Region RC Worksheet 03/24/2020

RC, 3R, 2R, DRSW Region Eligible Project Types

  • All projects compete on the same array.
  • DR project limit - $500,000, RATA

Puget Sound Region Worksheets

Worksheet Date Modified
PS Region 2R Worksheet 03/24/2020
PS Region 3R Worksheet 03/24/2020
PS Region BR Worksheet 06/30/2020
PS Region RC Worksheet 06/30/2020
PS Region DR Worksheet 03/24/2020
PS Region IS Worksheet 03/24/2020
PS Single Lane BR Worksheet 03/24/2020

RC, 3R, 2R, IS, BR, DRPS Region Eligible Project Types

  • All projects compete on the same array.