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Emergency Loan Program

CRAB’s Emergency Loan Program (ELP) was created in 2019 by the Legislature in response to the need of the smaller counties to have financial assistance during natural and manmade disasters.  This assistance is targeted to assist the smaller counties with the financial difficulties arising for the need to repair roads and bridges but having to wait for an extended period of time for reimbursements from federal and state agencies.  The ELP was initially funded by the Legislature with a $1,000,000 transfer from the state’s Motor Vehicle Account (MVA).

At the CRABoard’s January 2020 meeting, final rules for the administration of the ELP were adopted.  WAC section 136-500 – Emergency Loan Program was adopted after a collaborative effort between the county engineers and CRAB staff to insure that funds are available in as rapid and simple a process as possible while allowing CRAB the ability to do due diligence for program compliance.  Highlights of the rules are:

  • CRAB will accept paperwork submitted to FEMA and WSDOT for disaster funds.  No separate paperwork is needed for our program.
  • Ability for CRAB’s Executive Director to approve requests up to $2,000,000 or half of the available fund balance, whichever is less.  Requests in excess of the Executive Director’s delegated authority will be heard by the CRABoard.
  • Simple interest at the same rate as the Local Government Investment Pool rate of return.  Interest is waived on any loan principal paid by the county within six months of contract execution.
  • Term of the loan for twenty-four months.  Also has the ability of counties to request a longer term due to unforeseen issues or delays experienced after the loan has been granted.

Emergency Loan Program usage and revenues can be viewed in CRAB's ELP status report to the Legislature.