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CRAB Annual Reporting System

The CRAB Annual Reporting System (C.A.R.S.) allows county staff to electronically fill in information on all of the required annual reports and submittals due to CRAB throughout the year.

View the Calendar of Due Dates here.

RAP Online

RAP Online is the primary Project Portfolio application developed by CRAB to support the needs of managing CRAB's Rural Arterial Program. Approximately 150 county staff currently have access to RAP Online for the purpose of updating project progress, viewing project funding status, requesting project change, and submitting vouchers as overseen by the CRAB Grants Program Manager.


Mobility is a comprehensive road inventory and management system which enhances a county's ability to make quality decisions through consistent, equitable, and defensible management plans and operations. The systematic application of sound business logic, embedded in Mobility, ensures accountability in county road departments and assists county personnel in their compliance with reporting requirements to CRAB, the State Legislature, and federal entities.


VisRate 5.0 is a program for collecting visual pavement distress data. Users download Mobility data into VisRate from within VisRate 5.0 and use the data for conducting pavement ratings. Users can connect a laptop computer with a vehicle's Digital Measurement Instrument (DMI). The laptop synchronizes with and operates a Nite Star NS - 60 DMI as the vehicle moves down the road. Users can upload pavement rating data into the Mobility database from VisRate using the Sync tool.


SignRate is a software tool for collecting sign inventory and maintenance data in the field. Users collect field data and upload sign data directly into the Mobility database from within SignRate software.