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Desk Reference Manual

Current Edition

Open the May 2021 Desk Reference Manual (96 page PDF).

This May 2021 edition replaces the 2019 Desk Reference.

Introduction and intended useage

The County Road Administration Board (CRAB)continues to develop resource materials to support the work performed within the Office of the County Engineer. Work on these resources is an ongoing CRAB effort in order to provide both current information as well as develop new resources as legal and technical issues arise. This County Engineer’s and Public Works Director’s Desk Reference (Desk Reference) is intended primarily for use by individuals already possessing a working knowledge of counties and county road issues.

Most of the covered topics include only basic information that may not eliminate the need for additional research.

While printing a hard-copy of the Desk Reference will provide the reader with a useful reference document, it has been designed to be used primarily as a computer “desktop” electronic document. When opened on a computer that is also connected to the internet, the embedded hot-links provide immediate access to supplemental internet resources. The goal is to provide a tool that simplifies research.

All reference material provided by CRAB is intended to be general guidance and should not be used to replace qualified legal review pertaining to the application of laws, rules, policies, and contracts. No training or reference material should ever replace “due diligence” when investigating the full extent and applicability of laws, rules, policies, and contracts.This is especially true due to issues and requirements that are unique within the context of an individual county’s codes, policies, contracts, and operational circumstances.

Your comments and recommendations

CRAB welcomes comments and recommendations that improve content, accuracy, and clarity.

CRAB requests your assistance in identifying any “broken” hot-links that you may come across during use of the Desk Manual.

Any questions or comments about the information contained in this document, or requests for the inclusion of additional topics and supplemental information, should be directed to:

The County Road Administration Board

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