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Each of the 39 counties in the State of Washington is statutorily required to appoint and employ a County Engineer and that person shall be responsible for all aspects of county road department management.

RCW 36.75.020- “All of the county roads shall be established, ... constructed, ... maintained by the legislative authority ... Such work shall be done in accordance with adopted county standards under the supervision and direction of the county engineer.

RCW 36.80.010- “The county legislative authority of each county shall employ a county road engineer ...

RCW 36.80.020- “... shall be a registered and licensed professional civil engineer ... shall serve at the pleasure of the board.  ...

Functional Roles (the person holding the title of County Engineer)

  • Public Official
  • Licensed Professional Civil Engineer
  • Member of a County Department (Road Dept.)
  • Oversight/Quality Control

The “Office of the County Engineer” is more than one person

All regulated activities and procedures are based on the protection and use of the Road Fund

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