Whitman County Road Sunset


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CRAB verifies County compliance with the Standards of Good Practice using various methods throughout the year. In order to help counties to comply with the standards, CRAB staff provides a variety of resources, training, and assistance. CRAB conducts Official County Visits that audit performance, including an objective and systematic assessment of the functions, programs, or activities that improve efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability.

County Compliance Audits

CRAB audits county compliance with applicable laws and administrative rules, and reviewing compliance of the Standards of Good Practice. CRAB conducts audits of county compliance at the county level, project level, and the road fund and budget levels.

County Level Audits

  • Conduct County Visits to assess County Road Department Activities
  • Require Annual Certification of Road Levy
  • Review Annual Construction Program and the Six-Year Transportation Improvement Plans
  • Certify Annual County Road Log Update Submittals
  • Review Annual County Road Fund Budgets
  • Verify Implementation of County Road Administrative Policies
  • Review Financial and Accountability Audits performed by the State Auditor's Office
  • Review County Road and Street Reports Submitted to WSDOT

Project Level Audits

  • Perform Project Management Review
  • Review Rural Arterial Project Prospectuses
  • Review and approve Rural Arterial Project Payment Vouchers
  • Perform On-Site Inspections
  • Provide Year-End Reports of the use of County Arterial Preservation Program Funds
  • Review Annual Construction Reports with respect to County Forces Construction Limits

Road Fund and Project Level

  • Require Annual Sheriff's Certification of Road Levy Expenditures
  • Require Annual Certification of Road Fund Expenditures for Fish Passage Barrier Removal, Marine Navigation, and Moorage
  • Require Annual Certification of Road Levy