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A critical function of the CRAB mission is to provide Washington State counties with products, services, and technical assistance that enable them to comply with standards of good practice and to operate in an efficient and effective manner.

Design Systems Program

Since 1985, the CRAB Design Systems Program has consistently provided assistance to Washington County personnel via the application of the latest technological design system software.

CRAB has provided engineering design software, training support to county engineers & surveyor's in order to effectively collect, develop, & manipulate geometric data needed to design county projects. Emphasis is placed on containing project costs, improving quality thorughtout the life cycle of the road, provide training classes specifically geared for county type projects.


CRAB got a fortunate offer from CLM Systems to provide the first PC Design System software ever, CEAL, available to our counties for just $25,000. CEAL remained viable up until 1992 when they refused to shift their program to run on the most popular and powerful CAD platform available, AutoCAD & also refused to move to Windows OS like new competing products were doing.


CRAB put out an RFP for a replacement and an evaluation team from 14 counties chose Eagle Point to replace CEAL. CRAB bought 185 licenses at $600 each and agreed to pay $6,000 per year for upgrades and maintenance for all users for the first 5 years. BOTH of those contracts were home runs for CRAB and the Counties. However, just like all good things, they must come to an end. . .

2012 - 2020

Just like in 1985 and 1995, it was time to make another shift in development platforms. Since the initial release of AutoCAD Civil 3D by Autodesk in 2004, we recognized that it would change design systems, as we know it. With all this power at your fingertips it has consequences both good & bad. So training is a vital part of to harness all these new innovations.

2020 - Present

Recognizing changing landscape of training, CRAB implemented The Pinnacle Series Online Training Portal.  This award winning learning and productivity platform provides unlimited access to Workflows, Videos, Documents and Leaning Paths created by leaders in the AEC industry to help users understand and become more proficient in its everyday use.  CRAB is continuously developing new content to add to the platform.