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As part of CRAB's efforts to effectively serve the counties, staff over the years have developed and/or collated various model documents for use by the counties. This has helped the counties become standardized where appropriate and saved on unnecessary staff time to develop various documents from scratch. In this model document library you will find model agreements, Ordinances, Resolutions, policies, and forms for your use and modification to meet your specific needs.

Model Agreements

Agreement Accompanying or Supporting Document
Weed Agreement Weed Guidelines
Reimbursable Work Agreement  
Traffic Policing for County Roads Agreement Traffic Policing Agreement Guidelines
Sheriff's Memorandum of Understanding (SMOU)
Agreement to do work for other public agency  
Request to County Road Department for Reimbursement  
Dedication Deed  
Employment Contract for Part-Time County Engineer  
Permit for Work Within County Right-of-Way  
Statuatory Warranty Deed  
Franchise Agreement Franchise Application Packet
Haul Route Agreement  
Modification of County Facilities at Utility Expense  

Model Ordinances

Ordinance Guidelines or Related Documents
Model Charter County Engineer Guidelines Model Charter County Engineer Guidelines Appendix A
Model Charter County Engineer Guidelines Appendix B
Ordinance Regarding Use of Compression Brakes  
Ordinance For Use of Unopened County Rights-of-Way Use of Unopened County Rights-of-Way Policy Guidance
Property Management  
Emergency Load Limitations on County Roads  

Model Policies

Policy Accompanying or Supporting Document
Survey Monument Preservation Policy-Plan model policy outline  
Winter Road Maintenance Guide Road Maintenance Operation Policy - Snow Removal
Vacation of Road and Streets Road Vacation Application
Road Vacation Checklist
Road Vacation Checklist 2
County Road Establishment  
Standards for Road Construction and Sewer  
Check List for Vacancy In Position Of County Engineer  
Recommended County Forces Construction Advertising  
Right-of-Way Use Application  
Accommodation of Utilities on County Road Right of Way
Truck Impact to County Roads  
The Code of the West  
ER&R Replacement Guidance  
ER&R Policy Outline  

Model Resolutions

Diversion of Road Levy model resolution
Approval of Work for Other Public Agencies and County Departments
Designating County Road Maintenance Classifications
Designate Construction Change Order Authority for Road and Bridge Construction to the County Engineer
Employment Agreement By and Between Joe Engineer and the Board of Freedom County Commissioners
Accommodation of Utilities on County Road Rights-Of-Way
ACP Amendment CRP Resolution Individual Projects
ACP Amendment CRP Resolution for Multiple Projects
Resolution to Designate Primitive Roads

Model Forms

Revenue and Expenditures Analysis

Bridge Inspection Report Outline

Six-Year TIP

Six-Year TIP
Sample ER&R Rate Calculation Spreadsheet
Maintenance Management Work Plan and Budget Excel Worksheet