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Annual Report

The Washington State County Road Administration Board releases its annual report in January of each year, recapping the primary accomplishments of the Board and staff for the calendar year and providing recommendations to the legislature for improving administration of county road programs. 

You can view our most recent annual report here:  









Road Almanac

The road almanac was broken out from the annual report as a separate, standalone document in 2023. It contains data related to the administration of each county's road department for the year.

You can view our most recent road almanac here:  

2023 Road Almanac











Quarterly Report

The quarterly report was used from 2012 to 2023 to provide timely updates to the state and counties about news and updates happening at the agency. It was replace with the County Road Connection monthly newsletter in 2023. Newsletter articles may be found in our News section or you can subscribe to the newsletter here


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