Accessibility Policy

Information Technology Accessibility

This policy applies to the CRAB website and all CRAB Technology Applications.

CRAB is dedicated to providing an experience that does not include barriers to users with disabilities as a key objective in providing equal access to its services. CRAB strives to comply with the Washington State Office of the Chief Information Officer's Policy #188, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and other State and Federal laws concerning access to technology, content and services by those with disabilities.


  1. All new and redesigned applications and web pages published by CRAB must be in compliance with Minimum Web Accessibility Standards (MWAS) provided through WCAG 2.0 AA.
  2. Legacy applications and web pages are subject to the standards in place at the time of their development and to the legacy page guidelines provided for in this policy.
  3. Each CRAB website, including legacy items, must indicate, in plain text, a method of contact for users having trouble accessing content within the item.
    • Please contact our Accessibility Coordinator or at (360-753-5989) if you need assistance accessing page content and need to request an alternate format.
    • The contact information must be an e-mail and/or phone number that puts the user in touch with someone responsible for the content and function of the page who can respond within one business day.
    • Upon a specific request for access by an individual with a disability, legacy items must be updated to be in compliance with the MWAS or the content must otherwise be made available to any individual requesting access in a timely manner. Timeliness should be considered in the context of the type of information or service a page provides and generally within 10 business days.



Web pages, including those in legacy or archive status, that are specifically requested to be made accessible as an accommodation for an individual with a disability shall be made accessible or an equally effective alternative must be provided within 10 business days. For information based pages, equally effective means that it communicates the same information with a comparable level of accuracy.

Web sites and pages that are no longer actively linked to, but are subject to records retention plans are considered to be in archive status and do not have to be converted to the MWAS unless specifically requested by an eligible individual.

When compliance is not technically possible or may require extraordinary measures due to the nature of the information and the intent of the web page, exceptions to this policy may be granted by the ADA Coordinator's Office. Requests for such exceptions must be made in writing and must be based on issues other than cost alone.


The ADA Coordinator will initiate a review and necessary revisions of this policy and its associated standards at least once every five years.

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