Project Number: 1302
From milepost 3.52 to milepost 3.99
RATA Funds: $990,000
Legislative District: 24
Date Approved: 2009
Old Olympic Highway is a major east-west arterial serving eastern Clallam County. Current ADT for the road is 5083 (2009) with a projected ADT of 8641 in 2030. This makes Old Olympic Highway the most traveled road in the county road system now and on into the future.

The existing width of Old Olympic Highway was between twenty four and twenty six feet with twelve foot lanes and limited shoulders. With a 50 MPH speed limit and 85th percentile speed of 56.7 MPH, clear zone is a minimum of 21.5' beyond the edge line.

Old Olympic Highway was widened to forty feet with twelve foot lanes and eight foot shoulders. Power poles, trees, and steep slopes were removed from the design clear zone. No public feedback about the project has been received by Clallam County.