Chelan - Goodwin Road

Project Number: 0419-02
From milepost 0 to milepost 0.14
RATA Funds: $253,200
Legislative District: 12
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2019
Goodwin Rd, Sunset Hwy and Evergreen Rd serve Cashmere's west side industrial area, which lacks a direct freight route. With the completion of the West Cashmere Bridge, freight access, economic development and general traffic circulation, including traffic from the county fairgrounds and residential and agricultural areas on the city's western limits, will be directed along this corridor. The bridge and Goodwin Rd also provide the only grade-separated crossing of a major BNSF railroad line that bisects the city, making this the only corridor for emergency response to access homes and businesses south of the railroad tracks when a train blocks the at-grade crossings.
The existing route has deteriorating pavement and roadway base. No drainage facilities are present and water ponds in areas along the pavement edge. The existing roadway width and lack of pedestrian facilities do not meet the needs of developments within the nearby undeveloped light industrial lands and of the upcoming circulation improvements, such as the new West Cashmere Bridge and connection to US 2.
This project will reconstruct Goodwin Rd (28570), a section of Sunset Hwy (28860) and the intersection of Sunset Hwy and Evergreen Rd (92500) to meet county/city standards; these roads are classified as Rural Major Collectors. The intersections will be constructed for larger truck turning movements. In addition, stormwater drainage will be improved.