Columbia - Kellogg Hollow Rd

Project Number: 0719-02
From milepost 3.2 to milepost 5.1
RATA Funds: $2,104,700
Legislative District: 16
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2019
This roadway is a major north/south and east/west connection farm to market roadway, wind farm access and recreational access. Existing roadway received major damage during the windmill construction phase in 2016 and required major emergency patching with HMA. Prior to the HMA patching, the existing roadway exhibited major transverse, longitudinal and alligator cracking. Also, significant safety hazards exists such as steep slopes, culvert ends, roadside fixed objects, etc. Proposed improvements include widening to a 28ft road bed width, adding guardrail on unprotected steep slopes, culvert replacement with beveled ends, mitigating roadside hazards within the clear zone, replacement of a small drainage structure, and intersection improvements. The intersection of the McKay-Alto Road, within the project limits, will be brought up to standard by improving the intersection degree angle, increasing sight distance, and the addition of a flashing stop sign.