Pacific - Raymond South Bend Rd

Project Number: 2521-02
From milepost 1.45 to milepost 1.62
RATA Funds: $280,709
Legislative District: 19
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
The Raymond-South Bend Road Project will include slide correction in the vicinity of Shahour County Road. The Raymond-South Bend Road is a minor collector roadway that connects the Raymond and South Bend communities. It is the old State highway and is used as a detour route when traffic hazards are present on State Route 101 between Raymond and South Bend. Used by the locals, school buses, and refuge and mail services, there are many new residential homes constructed on this roadway. The section of road is very rough with alligatoring, potholes, and cracks with drops. The slide area poses a safety risk to the travelling public.

The proposed 3R project will be in two phases (1) preliminary engineering to include completion of a geo-technical evaluation and county forces will excavate and repair the slide area stabilizing the slide area and widening the roadway section, and (2) contract work will place a hot mix asphalt overlay and slope mitigation with placement of safety guardrail.