Skamania - Brooks Road

Project Number: 3021-01
From milepost 0 to milepost 0.625
RATA Funds: $1,100,000
Legislative District: 14
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
Skamania County has experienced significant growth of residential development adjacent to Brooks Road due to the logging of undeveloped land in the surrounding areas. Based on recent traffic studies and the forecast of increased traffic volume, the existing roadway does not meet current design standards. The County is proposing to upgrade the roadway geometry to meet the characteristics of a minor collector functional classification. We will be addressing drainage, roadway surface deficiencies, and improvement of pedestrian connectivity. 1) Brooks Road ditches collect stormwater runoff from a large watershed with steep terrain topography. These serve flow velocities and volume quantities have impacted the roadway integrity. 2) The stormwater runoff produced has eroded roadway sub grade materials, scoured the shoulder widths, deteriorated the asphalt edges and formed alligator cracking within the travel surfaces. 3) A vehicle vs. pedestrian accident occurred in 2020, where two pedestrians were unfortunately struck by a vehicle and seriously injured. The insufficient shoulder widths are a potential factor that could have contributed to this accident, along with weather conditions and limited street lighting. The County is submitting the Brooks Road Reconstruction project for potential funding to enhance the roadway level of service.