Thurston - 183rd Ave SW

Project Number: 3421-01
From milepost 6 to milepost 7.71
RATA Funds: $1,100,000
Legislative District: 20
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
183rd Avenue is classified as a collector road and provides a major east/west connection between Rochester and Tenino. The existing roadway is approximately 22 feet wide with shoulders varying from 0 to 1 feet. The asphalt is in fair condition with sections of alligator cracking.

Proposed improvements include widening the road to provide for two 11 feet wide lanes with 5 feet wide paved shoulders, and provide stormwater treatment and disposal. Obstructions within the clear zone will be reduced, and sight distance at intersections will be increased. These improvements will make a safer corridor for pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorists, extend the life of the roadway, and improve water quality.