Whatcom - Hampton Road

Project Number: 3721-01
From milepost 0.14 to milepost 4.79
RATA Funds: $170,100
Legislative District: 42
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
Hampton Road is a high volume rural major collector T3 freight haul route rating and relatively high traffic accident occurrences.

This 4.65 mile long 2R resurfacing and restoration project, between City of Lynden Urban Area Boundary at the west end, to Van Buren Road at the east end, shall improve traffic and roadside safety conditions and correct structural roadway deficiencies. Approximately one-half of the project on the west end is located within floodplain/floodway and therefore the pavement shall be milled and replaced with new HMA at the same crown elevation. It is anticipated that the pavement in the eastern half of the project shall be placed as an overlay. Resurfacing will fix structural conditions including severely cracked, distressed, and raveled sections of the road.

Traffic and roadside safety conditions will be improved by the project with: new roadway striping, replaced and new recessed pavement markers at the roadway centerline; replaced centerline and edge stripe rumble strips; and enhanced signing.

Last surfacing of travel lanes was in 2016 with bituminous surface treatment chip seal (asphalt concrete pavement structure in 1991).