Lincoln - Duck Lake Road

Project Number: 2221-01
From milepost 20.3 to milepost 23.3
RATA Funds: $1,363,319
Legislative District: 13
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
The Duck Lake Road serves as a significant farm to market and commercial freight and goods route in Central Lincoln County. The road serves as both a mail and school route as well as a main route for emergency service vehicles. This portion of Duck Lake road does not meet current design standards and specifically has a horizontal curve that has a history of accidents including two fatalities. Vertical curves on the existing roadway would also be improved to accommodate better sight distance as well as minimize snow drifting issues. The current pavement (BST) conditions are poor at best. The project would consist of re-aligning both vertical and horizontal curves, widening the roadway to 26-foot finish width, construct 3:1 or flatter inslopes and place crushed surfacing along with a BST plus construction seal.