Ferry - East Silver Creek Br. No. 16

Project Number: 1021-01
From milepost 19.01 to milepost 19.09
RATA Funds: $1,626,200
Legislative District: 7
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
The bridge is located on the Silver Creek Road within the boundaries of the Colville Indian Reservation approximately 19.0 miles southwest of Inchelium. The road is classified as a minor collector (08) as well as a school bus and mail route.

Silver Creek Road is one of the principal routes connection east and west Ferry County, a 2018 traffic study counted an average of 445 vehicles a day with 20% of the vehicles being trucks, primarily logging trucks, supporting the classification of the route as a T4 truck route. Currently the posting of the bridge requires the logging traffic to shut down or to use the 45 mile detour. A June, 2019 routine inspection of the bridge revealed the critical failure and reduced the sufficiency rating from the mid-90s to 34.07 and identified the structure as Structurally Deficient. A subsequent inspection in December 2019 further reduced the sufficiency rating to 9.82 and identified the structure as high risk.

The Colville Confederated Tribes has expressed considerable concern with the restricting of the bridge and has requested information as to the schedule for repairing or replacement of the structure.