Grant - 3-NE (U-NE to County Line)

Project Number: 1321-01
From milepost 10.9 to milepost 13.9
RATA Funds: $698,400
Legislative District: 13
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
3-NE is a rural major collector that runs east-west from U-NE Road to x-NE and carries considerable Ag and livestock traffic. This road carries a high percentage of truck traffic and is subject to seasonal weight restrictions. This section of road has a higher than average maintenance requirement. The project will replace the existing 34 foot wide BST surface with a new 34 foot wide BST surface and add crushed surfacing to improve the load carry capacity. Project work will include rotomilling, roadway excavation, embankment, crushed surfacing base and top course, Class A BST surfacing, drainage and permanent signing. Clear zone, side slopes and the roadside environment will be evaluated for hazard removal/mitigation.
Slope flattening and/or guardrail, Structure and Obstruction removal and beveled approach pipes will be installed per the Design Clear Zone Inventory.