Spokane - Wheeler Road

Project Number: 3221-01
From milepost 3.46 to milepost 4.92
RATA Funds: $750,000
Legislative District: 9
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
Wheeler Road is a 30' wide, 2 lane Rural Major Collector with an ADT of 169, a speed limit of 45 mph, and a T3 truck route. The road condition is considered failing with a PSC rating of 40. Several areas of the roadway have moderate to heavy alligator, longitudinal cracking, and a failing undersurface. The project proposes maintaining a 30’ road width and is proposed to be constructed of a cement- treated base with an asphalt surface. Wheeler Road is a regionally important road route used to transport grains and other agricultural products from the rural farmlands to regional port and freight transport facilities. The project is a good strategic use of county preservation efforts/resources that combined with CRAB RAP funding opportunities would allow the county to rehabilitate the road surface and strengthen the road base of Wheeler Road.