Chelan - Chumstick Highway

Project Number: 0421-01
From milepost 5.15 to milepost 6.6
RATA Funds: $750,000
Legislative District: 12
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
This project is the fifth phase of the Chumstick Highway (93350) improvements. The roadway, classified as a Rural Minor Arterial (FFC 06) and located between Leavenworth and Lake Wenatchee, is a vital link that serves residential, recreational, tourism and agricultural traffic and leads to state parks, national forest lands and the communities of Leavenworth and Plain. It is also used as the detour for US 2 in times of closure, which averages twice a year. This phase of the project addresses the roadway from MP 5.15 to MP 6.60; starting at the end of the previous phase constructed in 2014 and ending just north of the Chumstick Bridge #4, about 7 miles south of Plain.

The project’s primary purpose is to prevent further deterioration of the existing roadway and maintain it at the least possible lifecycle cost. In addition to replacing the pavement structure, the project also will include retrofitting existing bridge rails and installing transitions/terminals, along with addressing other safety improvements.