Pend Oreille - Smackout Pass Rd

Project Number: 2621-01
From milepost 2.31 to milepost 2.39
RATA Funds: $142,100
Legislative District: 7
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2021
The Smackout Pass Bridge is on the Smackout Pass/Meadow Road. This route serves the Big Meadow Lake Campground and connects North Pend Oreille County with the Aladdin Valley in Stevens County. The bridge is located within the Colville National Forest boundaries. It is used by individuals to access the national forest for hiking, camping, hunting and wintertime recreation. The US Forest Service uses this route for forest management including timber harvest. The route is one of three routes connecting Pend Oreille County and Stevens County that is open year round.
The deteriorated timber bridge is rated as 'Structurally Deficient' and the Sufficiency Rating (SR), 2.00 (without temporary shoring) is well below the BRAC replacement SR criteria limit of 40.
The Smackout Pass Bridge Replacement project will remove and replace an existing single lane wood bridge with a 2 lane precast concrete or steel girder bridge. The existing structure restricts Little Muddy Creek. The proposed project will eliminate and restriction on the flow of the creek by removing any part of the structure below the 100 year flood plain.