Clark - SE Blair Road

Project Number: 0619-01
From milepost 2.47 to milepost 3.91
RATA Funds: $1,417,800
Legislative District: 18
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2019
SE Blair Road (Road Log #93450) is a winding, rural minor arterial running southeast - northwest between NE 19th Street and Washougal River Road north of Washougal, Washington. There were eight reported crashes between 2014 and 2017 on this section of road. Residents not only rely on this road to travel to their homes, but also businesses rely on this route. This 1.44 mile section of road is identified as a T4 truck route and has an ADT of approximately 1,100.

Pavement distresses primarily include bleeding, raveling, bumps, sags, alligator cracking, and edge cracking. Preliminary analysis using Falling Weight Deflectometer data confirms the visual observations and indicates that an overlay is required to improve the structural deterioration.

This project will improve SE Blair Road between MP 2.49 and MP 3.91. Proposed improvements include: installing new guardrail, raising or replacing existing guardrail, installing bridge rail, delineating existing utility poles, repairing pavement, and applying a structural asphalt overlay with a safety edge to enhance safety, maneuverability and roadway longevity.

This proposed 2R project will eliminate a gap section along SE Blair Road to improve the roadway structure and address key safety elements. In addition, the project will benefit vehicular travelers in this growing unincorporated area in east Clark County and the nearby cities of Camas and Washougal.