King - Ames Lake Road Bridge No.1320A

Project Number: 1719-01
From milepost 3.7 to milepost 3.78
RATA Funds: $2,600,000
Legislative District: 5
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2019
This project would replace the Ames Lake Trestle bridge, which provides a key connection amongst City of Carnation, protected agricultural lands, forest resource land, and the state highway system. It carries approximately 1,800 vehicles per day including about 70 trucks per day and an estimated 300,000 to 4 million tons of freight per year. The bridge is on a designated route for snow/ice removal. At 94 years old, the bridge is at the end of expected its useful life. It is structurally deficient, with a sufficiency rating of 36.76 out of 100, and is functionally obsolete with narrow bridge width. The bridge was recently load-restricted, creating a 13-mile detour for heavy vehicles, including certain types of fire engines used by the adjacent fire districts. The replacement bridge would use more environmentally-friendly materials than the current creosote-treated timber, eliminate emergency response and truck detours, add shoulders to accommodate nonmotorized travel, bring guardrails up to current safety standards, and increase safety by improving the geometry and sightlines of the reverse curves at the bridge approaches.