Project Number: 2919-01
From milepost 2.87 to milepost 3.85
RATA Funds: $1,487,221
Legislative District: 39
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2019
1) Francis Road is a Major Collector that provides a direct link between the City of Sedro-Woolley and Community of Clear Lake to the Cities of Mount Vernon and Burlington, as well as an alternate route to SR-20 for many commuters. In conjunction with the LaVenture Road Extension, Francis Road also serves as an alternate route for I-5 and SR-9, increasing the predictable movement of goods and people. The proposed improvements include reconstruction of the middle portion of Francis Road, between the Section 2 Project and the Nookachamps Bridge. The Francis Road Corridor Improvement Plan is split into 4 sections. Section 2 improvements were successfully completed in 2013; the remaining three sections are identified for completion in the Skagit County Transportation Improvement Program, a community vetted plan and process. Francis Road Section 1 is currently in the design and right-of-way phase and is schedule to go to construction in 2019.

2) Francis Road Section 3 deficiencies include sub-standard road and shoulder widths of 11 foot lanes 3 foot shoulders. In addition to clear zone hazards that will be addressed, (see roadside hazard form). There is a horizontal curve in the eastern project limits that does not meet minimum radius standards. The bridge width is also below current standards.

3) Skagit County’s proposed Improvements include widening Francis Road Section 3 to current width standards of 40 feet with 12 foot lanes and 8 foot shoulders to match the existing improvements to the east. We will also remove the current sub-standard horizontal curve, which will include relocating the existing road to the southeast and removing the bridge to help meet no net fill requirements and improve fish habitat. Other planned improvements incorporate additional drainage infrastructure and reconstruction of the road base to handle heavy truck traffic, thereby eliminating the existing deficiencies to this section of roadway.