Stevens - Cedonia-Addy

Project Number: 3320-01
From milepost 3.1 to milepost 6.2
RATA Funds: $1,723,403
Legislative District: 7
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2020
This road is a major east-west arterial between the Columbia and Colville River valleys. The road is narrow for an arterial with only a 20' paved width and the subgrade is lacking and causing distress in the pavement. There are safety deficiencies and 10 fish barrier culverts that also need to be addressed in this segment. The project will upgrade the roadway geometry to current standards and widen to a 28' Hot Mix Asphalt paved cross-section. This will be completed by acquiring additional right-of-way and the use of geosythentic walls where necessary for grade separation. In addition the project will install new fish passage culverts, relief culverts, guardrail, signage and striping.