Ferry - Klondike Road Rehabilitation

Project Number: 1019-01
From milepost 1.13 to milepost 4.55
RATA Funds: $749,700
Legislative District: 7
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2019
The Klondike Road is the principle route from north Republic to its connection with the West Curlew Lake Road, providing access to the recreational facilities associated with the lake as well as providing access to residential and agricultural areas north and east of Republic. Functions as a major commuter route from the northern county.

This section of Klondike Road is exhibiting shoulder loss, pavement distress, and cracking, both longitudinal and transverse This project will provide for the rehabilitation of 3.42 miles of Klondike Road (Road 02700), to include HMA pre-level, crack patching and BST chip seal. Safety features will be upgraded as needed.