Cowlitz - South Cloverdale Road

Project Number: 0815-01
From milepost 0.13 to milepost 0.79
RATA Funds: $1,300,000
Legislative District: 20
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2015
South Cloverdale Road is one of two collectors connecting the developing areas south of the City of Kalama with Interstate 5 (I5) and the city's commercial and industrial areas. The road is also used as an alternative route to I5 between Woodland and Kalama. The Kalama Area Cowlitz County Road Shop is located on South Cloverdale Road. Cowlitz County Fire District #2's Cloverdale Fire Station is located on Todd Road at the intersection with South Cloverdale Road.

South Cloverdale Road is narrow and winding, with substandard shoulders and poor sight distance at vertical curves, horizontal curves and driveways. The proposed improvements include roadway widening to meet current design standards and reconstruction of the deficient horizontal and vertical curves. Obstacles will be removed from the roadway clear zone and utility poles will be relocated to 4' behind the ditches. Additional safety upgrades include guardrail installation and slope flattening. Culvert pipe ends will be beveled or protected with guardrail and two culverts will be upgraded to meet current fish passage requirements.