Project Number: 0613-03
From milepost 1.38 to milepost 2.33
RATA Funds: $1,853,100
Legislative District: 18
Status: Construction
Date Approved: 2013
NE Manley Road (Road Log #95550) is a high-volume Rural Minor Collector, running north-south near the City of Battle Ground. The construction project will include a structural asphalt overlay with safety edge to improve horizontal curves, safety and maneuverability. Existing utility poles and roadside objects will be relocated, delineated, or protected where feasible. Roadway striping and updated pavement markings will be applied where needed. Substandard guardrail will be replaced or upgraded, including end treatments, height and post configuration. Proposed improvements include replacing the current CMP and concrete culverts with three new structures spanning the creek, placing riprap, and grade control structures in the channel. Two new 12” roadway drainage culverts will also be installed. Improvements will meet hydrologic and permitting requirements; allow aquatic life and fluvial debris to pass; and accommodate 100-year flood flows. Large quantities of rocks and debris have filled the undersized culverts and water is ponding upstream. Roadway embankment erosion is occurring from water seepage through the soil, which is possible evidence that water is piping around the culvert due to the lack of culverts headwalls. Manley Road has a VCI of 70 and pavement distresses include sags/humps, raveling/aging, and flushing. The consequences of not addressing pavement condition and failing culverts in the near future will result in on-going deterioration, higher costs in the future to address, adverse impacts to commerce and safety of the traveling public.