Wahkiakum - Elochoman Valley Road - 2R

Project Number: 3515-03
From milepost 5.4 to milepost 6.1
RATA Funds: $342,000
Legislative District: 19
Status: Construction
Date Approved: 2015
This re-surfacing project would restore the pavement of Elochoman Valley Road beginning at the Duck Creek Bridge and continuing northerly to milepost 6.1. Re-surfacing this segment will provide continuity with improvements programmed to the north, beginning at milepost 6.1 and including the Clear Creek Culvert project. Elochoman Valley Road is a significant forest products haul route in Wahkiakum County, serving a large area of commercial forest lands. The road also has recreational use in summer and even more so in the fall, with some access to residential housing in this area and beyond. It was formerly SR 407 until turned back to the County by the State legislature. This segment of the road is overdue for re-paving, and is beginning to exhibit signs of distress, as an increasing percentage of its surface is comprised of large asphalt patches. The project will also provide an opportunity to enhance roadway safety by beveling culvert ends at driveway access points, remove some roadside objects, and will achieve improved slope flattening in some areas. Widening this segment by 1.25 to 1.5 feet to a uniform width will also help enhance safety. The preliminary widening phase would be performed by County forces, with the majority of the asphalt paving improvement performed by a contract asphalt paving company. Recessed pavement markers would also be added for improved night-time visibility.