Walla Walla - Mill Creek Road

Project Number: 3616-01
From milepost 1.1 to milepost 3.96
RATA Funds: $1,916,000
Legislative District: 16
Status: PE and Design
Date Approved: 2016
This project consists of combining two Mill Creek Road CRP projects (13-02 and 14-01) together (TIP #2 and #3). Mill Creek road will be realigned both horizontally and vertically at the intersection with 5 Mile Road. As a result, a portion of the old Mill Creek Road alignment will become 5 Mile Road and approximately 600 ft. of the existing 5 Mile Road will need to be reconstructed due to the existing poor intersection alignment. The project will continue to a short distance past the intersection with 7 Mile Road as shown on the vicinity map. Federal and local funds are also being used for the design, right of way and construction phases.
This roadway provides access to residences in Washington and Oregon. Logging trucks, agricultural (wheat and produce) trucks, school buses, outdoor recreation enthusiasts (sportsmen, hikers, berry & mushroom pickers), tourists (wineries), wedding events, bicyclists, and cross country skaters all use this road. This road serves as access to the Umatilla National Forest and to the City of Walla Walla’s municipal water supply (Mill Creek Watershed). This west section of this project realigns Mill Creek Road at Five Mile Road and would also include 600 feet of realigned Five Mile Road.