Okanogan - Old 97

Project Number: 2416-03
From milepost 1.91 to milepost 4.16
RATA Funds: $1,800,000
Legislative District: 7
Status: Construction
Date Approved: 2016
This project was chosen as a 3R RAP project due to geometric and structural deficiencies. This section of Old 97 is a secondary route for access from Brewster and Okanogan and is subject to annual weight restrictions. This segment is one of the last segments on this route that needs to be updated to an all-weather surface. This is an important farm to market route, serving many orchards and agricultural uses. It has a current ADT of 1507 vehicles per day, and there were four accidents in the current period.

Proposed improvements include minor realignment, widening, grading, drainage, ballast, top course and HMA of BST. Guardrail may be necessary on a short grade section.