Wahkiakum - Columbia Street Overlay, Segment 1

Project Number: 3515-02
From milepost 0 to milepost 0.36
RATA Funds: $270,000
Legislative District: 19
Status: Construction
Date Approved: 2015
Columbia Street is one of the main access routes into the Town of Cathlamet, and serves as a bypass to Main Street for travelers between SR 4 and SR 409 with destinations to Puget Island and the State of Oregon. Columbia Street also serves residential areas, churches, and a community day care facility, and is an alternate access route to the Wahkiakum High School and JC Thomas Middle School. The surface condition of Columbia Street is showing signs of deterioration, and must be addressed soon, before it requires a much higher level of expenditure to restore the road to a good service level. In addition to asphalt re-surfacing, there will be some opportunity to enhance safety along this route by beveling culvert ends and removing some fixed objects adjacent to the road. Recessed pavement markers will be included for improved night time visibility, which is particulary helpful during periods of night time rainfall. A segment of guardrail will be raised so that it is at the correct elevation following pavement overlay.