Announcing the 2024 County Engineer of the Year Award

We are pleased to announce Doug McCormick, PE of Snohomish County has been named the 2024 County Engineer of the Year.

2024 Engineer of the Year
Presentation of the award at the 2024 WSACE Annual Conference

Since 1967, our agency has presented the award annually to recognize outstanding performance in engineering expertise, leadership, community engagement and industry involvement. Mr. McCormick was nominated by Snohomish County Council Chair Jared Mead and County Executive Dave Somers.

“Doug embodies the mission of CRAB with his commitment to the Standards of Good Practice, support for the fair administration of funding programs and advocacy for our county transportation system” said Jane Wall, Executive Director of the County Road Administration Board, while presenting the award. “He draws from his depth of experience and leverages it to collaborate and support colleagues, the Snohomish community and the citizens of Washington State.”

During his 34 years of leadership in the Snohomish County Public Works Department, Mr. McCormick has successfully delivered hundreds of millions of dollars of transportation infrastructure improvements that received state and national awards for engineering excellence, innovation and sustainability. A recent project, the Little Bear Creek Advanced Mitigation Site, consolidated wetland restoration and enhancement efforts on 17 acres in a forward-thinking move that is expected to save Snohomish County $30 million in wetland mitigation requirements on 11 road projects. The project went on to receive a national 2024 Public Works Project of the Year award for the American Public Works Association.

“As the County Engineer, he is passionate about improving and maintaining the public infrastructure from culverts to roads. His expansive knowledge on grant funding and process has provided millions of dollars to both the county and local agencies. He provides valuable insight and knowledge to support the growing transportation network for the county [and] is an invaluable resource to the public works community.”

- Max Phan, P.E. and City of Marysville Engineer

In addition to his responsibilities for Snohomish County, Mr. McCormick serves as an industry leader and public servant as the chair of the Puget Sound Regional County Project Evaluation Committee, co-chair of the Snohomish Infrastructure Coordinating Committee and board member of the County Road Administration Board.

Doug McCormick
Doug McCormick, P.E. at the Bigelow Gulch
​​project site in Spokane County during
CRAB's October 2023 board tour.

Doug has the unique ability to be a strong advocate for Snohomish County but to also advocate for the local jurisdictions and transit agencies within the county. He sees the vision of an integrated transportation system and demonstrates collaboration, technical expertise, teamwork and kindness in all areas his work.”

- Melissa Cauley, Chief Planning and Development Officer for Community Transit

The award was presented during the Engineers Awards Banquet at the 2024 Washington State Association of County Engineers Annual Conference in Ritzville, WA. Nominations for the award were accepted across the state from county commissioners, councilmembers and the WSACE board of directors and, at the discretion of the review committee each year, may be divided into Rural and Urban categories.

Please join me in congratulating Doug!



Drew Woods

Drew Woods
Deputy Director