Notes from Our Board: Highlights from the July 27-28th Meeting

Notes from Our Board
 The latest developments, decisions and changes coming out of our summer board meeting, held in Bremerton.
The full board meeting minutes will be available here, once approved.



  • Board Appointments and Elections

WSAC reappointed Lewis County Commissioner Lindsey Pollock, Spokane County Commissioner Al French, and Columbia County Engineer Grant Morgan to additional 3-year terms expiring in June 2026. The board approved to re-elect its current slate of officers with Commissioner Coffman as Chair, Commissioner Pollock as Vice-Chair, and Grant Morgan as Second Vice-Chair.

  • County Engineer Appointments

Garfield County appointed James Wege, P.E. as County Engineer on April 17th. Doug Ranney, PE began as Whatcom County Engineer on July 1st following the retirement of Jim Karcher. On July 5, 2023, Seth Scarola was appointed as Klickitat County Engineer, a role in which he had been serving as interim County Engineer since the departure of Gordon Kelsey in December 2022.

Asotin, Grays Harbor, and Pend Oreille Counties have County Engineer vacancies; John Becker, PE is serving in the interim for Grays Harbor County and Don Ramsey, PE for Pend Oreille County.




  • All 39 Counties Receive Road Log Approval

The Board approved the 2022 Master County Road Log, reflecting the county road system as of January 1, 2023; this certification is done on an annual basis.

  • Allocation Factors Determined for 2024 and 2025 Fuel Tax Distributions

The board approved roadway categories and unit costs for the 2024 and 2025 County Fuel Tax Distributions, which certifies the factors used in the computation of the motor vehicle fuel tax allocation to the individual counties.

  • $3.8 Million in RATA Funds Apportioned to Regions

The board authorized the accrued amount of $3,794,117 deposited to the RATA account for March, April, May and June 2023 be apportioned to the regions according to the established 2021-23 biennium regional percentages, after setting aside $206,016 for administration.

  • RAP Regional Apportionment Percentages Established

The Board approved the 2023-2025 Regional Apportionment Percentages, which computed the allocation for each of the five regions as follows: 43.67% (Northeast); 10.92% (Northwest); 6.91% (Puget Sound); 23.62% (Southeast); 14.88% (Southwest).

  • Innovative "Borrow Forward" Program Utilized by Two Counties

Two RAP program requests were received from Skagit and Jefferson Counties to "borrow forward" certain remaining funds in the 2025-2027 budget to construct projects in 2023. 



Proposed WAC changes were presented to the board regarding the Standards of Good Practice, County Ferry Capital Improvement Program, and the Rural Arterial Program (RAP). The board approved a public hearing at the next meeting on Thursday, October 26th. Staff will do an additional round of outreach to the counties and any comments or recommended changes will be presented to the board.


  • Proposed WAC Changes to the Standards of Good Practice 

Amend Chapter 136-14-060 to change the road log submittal date reference from May 1st to April 1st. 

Amend 136-20-020, 030, 040 to reflect changes adopted by FHWA May 6, 2022. CRAB will coordinate with WSDOT Local Programs to ensure both agency's needs are met. 

  • Proposed WAC Changes to the County Ferry Capital Improvement Program

Amend Chapter 136-400-050, 060 to change the name of the Public Works Board program.

  • Proposed Changes to the Rural Arterial Program

The goals of the review were to improve project delivery, clarify program requirements, reduce the RATA balance, codify or eliminate "unwritten" rules, and implement changes in 2023. No WAC changes are required. 

Amend Chapter 136-130-020 to require the five regions to allow all project types, such as bridges. 

Amend Chapter 136-161-050 to standardize project estimate calculations for final prospectus to uniformly account for inflation and project duration. 

Amend Chapter 136-161-080 to eliminate project type funding sub-limits which will result in fewer, but more quickly funded, projects. 

Create Chapter 136-161-120 to allow counties to request advanced funding for projects.

Amend Chapter 136-165-010, 020, 030 to allow requests for additional funds after bid opening.

Amend Chapter 136-180-030 to clarify definitions of reimbursable costs.




Jason Bergquist
Jason Bergquist
Executive Assistant