Competitive Solicitation 2022-01


CRAB Data-Driven Storytelling Development Services

Interested Parties,

The Washington State Count Road Administration Board (CRAB) has an upcoming opportunity.  We are looking for 2022-01 CRAB Data-Driven Storytelling Development Services.  This is an opportunity for an individual or firm who possesses the right mixture of expertise in communications, data science, and business intelligence solutions to partner with CRAB in crafting a county road data story.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal for this opportunity with CRAB, you will be required to be registered in Washington’s Electronic Business Solutions (WEBS).  If you have questions about registering in WEBS, please contact Customer Service at 360-902-7400,

When registering in WEBS, you will need to select all applicable commodities.  If interested in the 2022-01 CRAB Data-Driven Storytelling Development Services opportunity, please include any or all commodities listed below.


Communications Marketing Services


Graphic Arts Services (Not Printing)


Web Page Design, Management and Maintenance Services


Audio/Visual Consulting Services


Analytical Studies and Surveys (Consulting)


Communications: Public Relations Consulting


Consulting Services (Not Otherwise Classified)


IT Consulting


Marketing Consulting


Computer Digitizing Services


Upon successful registration in WEBS, the information below will assist you in locating this opportunity.

Document Identifier:                    47203

Customer Reference Number:    2022-01

Solicitation Title:                          2022-01 CRAB Data-Driven Storytelling Development Services


All questions related to this Competitive Solicitation must be submitted to the Procurement Coordinator for a response.

Procurement Coordinator

Mark Vessey



For additional information and resources.

Doing Business with the state of Washington this link provides information on how to do business with the state of Washington.  It includes how vendors can register in WEBS and receive notifications of future procurement opportunities.

Procurement Technical Assistance Center (PTAC)  – a resource that assists the business community with all aspects of selling their products/services to state government including help with navigating the State’s solicitation process.


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