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About the Training

CRAB staff provides a variety of training options for County Engineers and their staff covering the legal requirements that counties must comply with as well as a variety of issues they are almost certain to face during the course of daily business.

Our goal is to ensure that County Road Engineers and staff are equipped with the latest information and knowledge in order to ensure that they meet their legal requirements AND provide quality, cost effective service to the citizens of their county and Washington State.

Training Sessions

CRAB County Engineer Training in Olympia
CRAB County Engineer Training in Olympia

County Engineer Training sessions are held twice annually, in December and May. Three-day training sessions take place at the CRAB office in Olympia. Download the agenda here.

Customized on-site CRAB-presented training is available upon request.

  • 1-day training program including a brief summary of the various legal and operational issues covered during the 3-day training, plus time dedicated to discussing specific questions and issues raised by the training participants.
  • 2 to 6-hour customized training module(s) addressing one or more specific legal or operational topics of interest.


Register below or contact Admin@crab.wa.gov or call 360-753-5989

County Engineer Training Schedule

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