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The County Road Administration Board (CRAB) is excited to present training to county commissioners, councilmembers, county executives, and their staffs as well as county engineers and their staffs regarding the relationship between a county’s legislative authority and their county road departments, covering the statutory framework, CRAB, the County Engineer, and use and protection of the road fund.

This training will be particularly beneficial to the newly elected but still valuable time spent for those of you with county elected experience.  You are sure to hear and learn something of interest and value which will help you provide improved service to the citizens of your county and the State.


BOCC Virtual Training Session

If you need BOCC Training and cannot wait until the next scheduled live event, you can watch the virtual training videos below.  The videos contain links within them referencing the documentation below.

BOCC Virtual Training - Day 1 BOCC Virtual Training - Day 2


BOCC Training Reference Links

2019 Desk Reference Manual

BOCC Training Slides

WSAC County Transportation Study

RAP Online Training - CRAB LMS

BOCC Training Funding Slides


Registration for Live Training

Register below by clicking on the training below, or contact or call 360-350-6082.

BOCC Live Training Schedule


There is no training scheduled at this time.