Ferry - Customs Road North Section

Project Number: 1017-01
From milepost 9 to milepost 13.74
RATA Funds: $747,000
Legislative District: 7
Status: Construction
Date Approved: 2017
This portion of Customs Road connects the International Port at Midway, British Columbia to Ferry County’s road system and ultimately to State Route 21 N. This route provides access for residential, agricultural, recreational, and international traffic. There are no alternate routes to this portion of the County.
The primary deficiency of this section of Customs Road is surface oxidation; moderate cracking, minor potholes, and some lose of pavement at the shoulders.
This project will consist of all work relating to pre-level in order to correct minor surface irregularities and reestablish edge of asphalt as needed, chip and fog seals to preserve existing asphalt, and reinstall paint stripe for road side safety.