Kathy O'Shea Retires

Kathy O'Shea

Congratulations to Kathy O’Shea on her retirement after almost 18 years at the County Road Administration Board. Kathy’s final day at CRAB was January 31. Kathy has served CRAB as the sole database administrator and lead database developer since March 2002.  Her achievements include successfully migrating all 39 counties from CRIS to Mobility, integrating WSDOT CLAS collisions with Mobility, and creating numerous data products the counties use to integrate Mobility and county systems such as GIS. 

Information Services Division Manager Eric Hagenlock presented Kathy with a plaque thanking her for her years of service to CRAB and the counties, and wished her well in her future endeavors. Thank you Kathy, for your dedication, expertise, and commitment to excellence!