Now Hiring

CRAB is now hiring for a new entry in-training System Administrator! If you are interested in applying for this position, please visit our job advertisement.

This is a great opportunity for someone that wants a career in the IT field.
 If you don't have the experience or skills for the Journey-Level, don't worry--We will train you!

What you will be doing:
 You will be participating in the planning and execution of tasks related to the evaluation of new agency applications, systems, and hardware (upgraded versions), third party solutions, issue resolution, technical support and enhancing the customer experience. Problems may be of an urgent or critical nature and may affect mission critical and life safety systems used by state agencies, municipalities, and public sector customers. You must be ready to apply advanced level technical knowledge to evaluate and resolve tasks as well as implement new functionality ensuring a flexible and mobile friendly environment.
You will be a lead system administrator providing technical support for agency wide staff, other state agencies, enterprise application customers, vendors and public sector customers. You will be able to apply your technical knowledge to evaluate and resolve advanced technical tasks e.g. data administration, system administration and root cause analysis.  Your primary responsibilities include planning, coordination, installation, testing, troubleshooting and maintenance of hardware, software, systems and systems environment. You will also be responsible for continuously improving services for our customers and developing and maintaining a flexible and mobile friendly environment.

Who we are looking for:
You will need to be a good team worker and a creative thinker ready to bring new ideas and solutions to the table as well as comfortable working independently.  You are a responsible person that is flexible, thrives on variety, and ready to take a challenge head-on.  You need to be a good communicator and able to explain things in a non-technical way to our internal and external customers.

If this sounds like you, please apply!