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Statutory Compliance

The Legislative Authority cannot shift its ultimate responsibility. The County Legislative Authority members are those who must face the taxpayers at each election. It is therefore the County Legislative Authority's responsibility to develop broad policies that allow the Engineer the authority to organize and staff the departments under his or hers jurisdiction in the best possible way to get the entire job done.

It is to everybody's benefit to have written policies to cover situations that come up on a regular basis, or to cover problems or situations that the Legislative Authority would like handled in a specific way. A good written policy will save time for the County Legislative Authority and for the County Engineer. It will also serve to provide improved service to the public, since answers can be given to specific questions and services can be performed in specific ways, without having to try to remember, "How did we handle it last time?"

The CRAB Annual Reporting System (CARS) software assists county staff with meeting compliance requirements.

See the compliance page for more information