Project Design Competition - PDC

2020 Design Competition

CRAB is excited to again, invite all Counties to participate in our Project Design Competition (PDC). This project display competition has excelled over the last few conferences and now it is time again to bring it on. We would really like to see ALL counties bring something to the table.

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Thurston County Road Design Plans

Clark County Project plan

Kitsap County Award Presentation


2020 PDC Rules

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The Road Design Conference is once again upon us! And, as we all know, that also means that it's time for the Project Design Competition (PDC)! The competition has been hotly contested over the years. Do you have what it takes to bring home the Traveling Trophy and bask in the glory of being the State PDC Champion? We invite ALL counties to participate and show off your projects to the other counties of Washington. We welcome county projects of all types, be it specialized or experimental nature; work concerning new features, design elements, methods, or processes; and works in progress. The goal of this completion is to bring new ideas or interesting solutions to old problems to the table. It is a valuable opportunity to share our engineering knowledge in the advancement of design projects across the state!

Counties will display projects display in throughout the conference period for viewing, during which time participants will circulate and talk to individual counties in an informal manner.

The posters will then remain available to conference participants throughout the conference and after very careful scrutiny and examination on by your peers, they will be voted upon. Participants get only one vote, which they will indicate by putting a sticker dot on the poster. The sticker is included your registration packet at the first day. We will announce the winning County at the wrap-up session on the final day of the conference.

When submitting a project for a poster display, please include one project per county, no more than 24x36 inches, as part of your display so that we can attach them to the walls. Counties may bring stands or easels to setup larger project displays along with an 8x11 report describing the project and design process to include:

  • Overview Information
    • Title of project
    • Name of the County
  • Full contact information on the a description of the county participation efforts (number of members and time committed)
  • Project summary details
  • An explanation on the economics of the product in terms of cost and potential value added to the public
  • One or two innovative points
  • If possible, bring your entire set of plans and .pdfs to share with other counties so that they can take them back and maybe incorporate your ideas into their plans.
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