Active Projects in Construction Phase

Highway 7 Project

Okanogan County - Highway 7

Project Number: 2415-01
From Milepost: 5.320 - To Milepost: 6.630
RATA funds: $ 540,000
Legislative District: 7
Status Construction
Date Approved: 2015

This project was chosen as a 2R RAP project primarily because of structural deficiencies. This roadway received some cold mix patching and a BST overlay a few years ago, but the structural failures are starting to reappear and we anticipate the very poor condition will reappear in the next year or two. The existing width is 24-feet of BST with 1 to 2 foot wide gravel shoulders on both sides of the roadway. There are six horizontal curves and one vertical curve within the project limits including one combination curve. The current average daily traffic is 1701 vehicles per day with five accidents in the current period. This section of Highway 7 is a primary route from the Loomis area providing access for freight and goods and vast recreational areas. It is a secondary route for access from the U.S./Canadian border and is subject to annual weight restrictions each year.

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