Active Project Report

84 St NE Project

Snohomish County - 84 St NE

Project Number: 3117-01
From Milepost: 1.580 - To Milepost: 1.780
RATA funds: $ 584,100
Legislative District: 39
Status Construction
Date Approved: 2017

84th Street NE is a rural minor arterial connecting the Highway 9 corridor to Granite Falls, carrying over 10,000 vehicles per day with a 50 mph posted speed limit. In 2016, Snohomish County conducted a Left Turn Warrant analysis at the intersection of 84th St NE and 115th Ave NE, confirming a left turn is warranted at the intersection. Since 2013, there have been ten vehicle related accidents at the intersection, including three of those being same direction/rear end accidents, two vehicle in opposite direction, and four fixed object accidents resulting in a total of seven injuries.

Snohomish County Public Works is proposing improvements to 84th Street NE and 115th Ave NE, including widening 84th Street NE to provide an eastbound and westbound left-turn pocket. The addition of turn pockets will provide an additional lane for vehicles waiting to turn onto 115th Avenue NE while allowing through traffic to continue. The road shoulders will also be widened to 8 feet at the intersection.

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