Active Project Report

Wynooche Valley Road Culvert Project

Grays Harbor County - Wynooche Valley Road Culvert

Project Number: 1419-02
From Milepost: 7.170 - To Milepost: 7.230
RATA funds: $ 500,000
Legislative District: 24
Status PE and Design
Date Approved: 2019

Wynooche Valley Road is a major collector that is used by local residents, heavy trucks (mainly logging related), and tourists accessing Wynooche Lake and Olympic National Park. The culvert in question is undersized for the drainage it serves and the structural integrity of the pipe has diminished. Settlement in the roadway above the culvert indicates there is a failure along the length of the culvert. We propose to replace the existing culvert with a larger structure at a skew to better fit the stream alignment. The roadway will either be widened to meet clear zone standards or guardrail will be installed if wetland impacts prevent the necessary widening.

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