Active Project Report

Birch Bay Lynden Road Project

Whatcom County - Birch Bay Lynden Road

Project Number: 3719-02
From Milepost: 7.920 - To Milepost: 9.950
RATA funds: $ 165,000
Legislative District: 42
Status PE and Design
Date Approved: 2019

Birch Bay Lynden Road, between Enterprise Road and Rathbone Road, is a high volume Rural Major Collector with a T3 freight haul route rating and relatively high traffic accident occurrences including two fatalities in the roadway corridor within the last two years.

This 2.03 mile long 2R resurfacing and restoration project shall correct structural roadway deficiencies and improve traffic and roadside safety conditions. Resurfacing will fix structural conditions including cracked, rutted, distressed, and raveled sections of the road. Traffic and roadside safety conditions will be improved by the project with new roadway stripping, recessed pavement markers and enhanced signing. Existing centerline and edge line rumble strips, and recessed pavement markers through entire length of project will be replaced after resurfacing.

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