Active Project Report

Center Rd Project

Jefferson County - Center Rd

Project Number: 1618-02
From Milepost: 14.610 - To Milepost: 15.010
RATA funds: $ 639,000
Legislative District: 24
Status Construction
Date Approved: 2018

This segment of Center Rd. pavement is badly rutted and moderately corrugated, exhibits evidence of flushing (especially in warm summer months), has many patches, and considerable cracking. Years of maintenance including crack sealing, patching, and chip sealing have failed to remedy the poor pavement condition. The only viable solution is to remove the numerous layers of old pavement and replace them with new full depth pavement. Jefferson County has performed borings which revealed that although the underlying base is hard sand and gravel, the existing 5 - 8 inch deep asphaltic surfacing material is crumbly and wet and the cause of the surface failure.

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