Active Project Report

COYAN BRIDGE #200-9.93 Project

Franklin County - COYAN BRIDGE #200-9.93

Project Number: 1118-02
From Milepost: 9.880 - To Milepost: 9.980
RATA funds: $ 222,700
Legislative District: 9
Status PE and Design
Date Approved: 2018

Coyan Bridge is a three span timber structure approximately 4 feet in length that was built in 1955.

This structure was first detected with rotting stringers in 2004 +/- and a temporary fix was installed in February of 2017 due to major rotting (4" to 5" depth) at the west abutment bearing in one timber stringer and minor rotting in stringers (2 each) adjacent to stringer with major rot.

Rehabilitation would not extend life by 15 years for this untreated wooden structure(62 years old).

Franklin County was recently awarded $890,870 in FHWA Bridge grant funds for the replacement of Coyan Bridge #200-9.93

The proposed project would replace the existing bridge with a prestressed concrete decked bulb-tee girder structure.

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